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Stockholm Wine Importers is an established importer of alcoholic beverages in Sweden.

Despite our name we import wine, spirits, cider, and RTDs - we even make our own beer. Our producers are located all over the world and our network for the on-trade market in Sweden is vast.

We are always looking for partners and look forward to hearing from you!

Hops District

Pilsner 4,8%

Our passion for the finer things lead us to this amazing creation. A combination of Danish craftsmanship and inspiration from our office location, in the middle of the hipster south, we have created the perfect beer.


Mineralschiefer Riesling Trocken 2018

The 13 hectares estate in Leiwen, Mosel, has been in the Grans family for almost 400 years and is now run by the youngest daughter Catherina Grans.

Grand Selection

Cuvée Blanc 2018

Grand Tokaj is the largest winery in historical Tokaj-Hegyalja and is the flagship if wine production in the region.

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